1-20-18: This Week at CCC

Evangelicals For Life 2018

Marci and I are on our way home from Washington D.C. We attended a special conference called Evangelicals For Life, that coincides with the March for Life. Evangelicals For Life is put on by one of the organizations we partner with called the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).

We had the privilege of participating in the March for Life with hundreds of thousands of other people from the Washington Memorial to the steps of the Supreme Court. The amount of people was overwhelming enough, but what was most exciting was to see the number of millennials and students who had come to march as well.

God is doing something unique in the next generation! My generation and those younger are much more pro-life than previous generations have been!

We were reminded this week that being pro-life is not a political position but a gospel position. If God is the creator and originator of life, then we must care about that which God cares about! Therefore, we stand and we march and we speak for life from the womb to the tomb. For babies, for all ethnicities, for those with special needs, for the elderly, and for all others! We’ll have a special moment in our service tomorrow praying for these very things. Join us!

21 Days of Prayer Ends with The Lord’s Supper

Tomorrow will conclude our 21 Days of Prayer. This has been a unique season for me personally. God has been so faithful to speak and lead me through many of the items I’ve been seeking wisdom in.

We will end our 21 Days by joining together around the Lord’s table to partake in Communion. I hope you will join with us as we remember our Lord’s death and celebrate the hope we have in his resurrection!

Mark 1:29-45 is the Scripture I’ll be preaching. Read it, pray through it, and ask the Lord to prepare your heart to hear from him.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Pastor Ronnie