11-02-2017: This Week at CCC

Christ Community Church Family,

We need to pray. As I met with the Lord this morning through prayer and time in his word, I read the following verse from Matthew 17:20,

“Truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Faith is a realty that God calls his people too. Faith is believing something before you see it. This is how faith works. And when God’s Church takes God’s Word seriously, believes it, lives it, and walks by faith, then the Lord answers prayers and moves mightily.

For some time now, our church has prayed for the Lord to free us from all financial debt so that we can give generously to missions and ministry. I have been consistently praying this for over a year now and I have repeatedly asked you to join me in praying this for our church’s future.

This Sunday, November 5th is the day we will join together to give a generous, sacrificial financial gift or one-year commitment that will go towards paying off all financial debt. We need you with us on Sunday. Don’t miss it. We are asking God for a miracle and we need you asking him with us. Pray for it.

Will you take five minutes this morning either alone, with your spouse, or with your family, and cry out to God on behalf of our Church family.

Here’s how you can pray:
Pray for clarity and boldness for our Church family as many are still praying and discerning what the Lord wants their financial gift to be.
Pray for the Lord to prepare our hearts for coming before him on Sunday to offer our sacrificial financial gifts.
Ask the Lord to completely wipe away our debt, multiplying our dollars like he multiplied the fish and the loaves, through his people and by his power.
Pray for the Spirit of God to bring a special wind of revival on our Church.
Pray for me as I prepare to preach God’s Word from Genesis 3.
Pray for the Lord to draw men and women to himself through repentance, salvation, & obedience.
Finally, pray for the Lord to move this mountain before our eyes in a miraculous gift of financial favor; to set us free, so that we might be a generous blessing to our mission partners and our community, for the glory of God.
Church, this is going to take all of us praying, all of us believing, all of us joining together, and all of us sacrificing. May God reward our faith and our sacrifice, for his glory alone.

I look forward to seeing God work wonders among his people in the days ahead.

I pray you will make this Sunday a priority. I’ll see you there.

Pastor Ronnie