11-18-2017: This Week at CCC

Christ Community Church,

William Carey was an English Baptist missionary and is known for being the “father of modern missions.” Carey is famous for saying, “Expect great things from God; attempt great things from God.” His life was one of utter dependence on the Lord and his tenacity for advancing the gospel to those who had never heard was one of focused ambition. Carey expected great things and attempted great things for God’s glory.

57 years ago, 7 men and women expected great things from God and attempted great things for God, as they gathered to begin what would eventually be called Christ Community Church, the church we now enjoy together today. This past Monday, November 13, was the 57th anniversary of the first meeting of our church. As we head into Thanksgiving week, I cannot help but rejoice in the Lord’s kindness to bless our church over these 57 years.

As I think about the future of Christ Community Church, I think about the great need our community has for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lostness abounds here in the North Mecklenberg, Lake Norman region. Our neighbors, coworkers, children, and teenagers are in need of redemption and hope that can only be found in Jesus. Our opportunity to reach the nations sits right here in our own backyard in our schools and in our neighborhoods, and I believe God wants us to reach them.

As I think about the future of Christ Community Church, I think about the great opportunity we have to invest in and revitalize or plant churches in our region and across Charlotte. While we sit in Huntersville, our reach goes far beyond this community’s walls, touching people far north of us and all the way to south Charlotte. From east to west, people drive to Christ Community because, “there’s Church like this in our city.” What God has prepared for our future only he knows! I believe God wants us to be a sending church and I can’t wait to see what God does with the willing hearts of those who will one day say, “I will go.”

As I think about the future of Christ Community Church, I think about the opportunity to invest in and train God-called men and women who will go into full-time ministry or missions. Those who would lay their love for the American dream down to pursue a far greater purpose, fulfilling the Great Commission. Some who will go out from among us to far off places to reach a people group no one has ever met or heard of. Some who may lose their life for trying to carry the message of the gospel to a people who’ve never heard. Oh, what the Lord can do with willing, obedient hearts. May it be so.

Church family, the Lord has been kind to bring us this far. He’s doing a great and new work among us. As I think about those 7 who began our church, what a great reminder that God has already done great things in our past to get us here today. Now, he calls us to pray big and trust big for our future together.

As we head into this season, I ask you to expect great things from God. Expecting great things means praying big things. Pray for the faithful hand of the Lord to bring us into a new, spiritually and financially healthy future, so that we may better attempt great things for God. Church family, I believe God has great things in store for Christ Community Church.

The need is great, but God can do anything with a person or Church who puts their “yes” on the table with a willing heart to do what he calls, when he calls, wherever he calls. Let’s expect great things from God and attempt great things from God together.

I hope to see you tomorrow, as we worship the Lord, celebrate with several who will be baptized, and hear from God through the great story of Noah and the Ark. What a great opportunity we have to invest financially in a church that is moving forward, focused on what’s important, God’s Word and God’s mission. Genesis 6:5-22 is our text. Read it and come prepared to hear from the Lord.

I will see you there.

Pastor Ronnie

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