11-23-2017: Happy Thanksgiving

Christ Community,

Marci and I are incredibly thankful for you this year. While this year has been a new season for our family, it has been met with a sweet and endearing people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and have shown that love to us in so many ways. Our family loves you. We are grateful for your encouragement, your prayers, and your faith.

God has done so much in our faith family this year. We’ve seen children, students, and adults saved, many baptized, sent many on mission trips, and have celebrated life and mourned death in our church family. We’ve prayed for many to be healed and the jobless receive jobs. While we’ve seen both happen, we still have many praying who are in deep need of healing and a job.

Most importantly, God has been honored among us. As we prepare to head into the Christmas season, Marci and I pause today to give God thanks. We are thankful for our church family.

Thanks for being faithful to the Lord this year above all else.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ronnie and Marci Parrott