This Week at CCC: 3-15-18


Family Church Will Be With Us Sunday

On Saturday, 350 students and leaders from Family Church in West Palm Beach, Florida will arrive in our community to serve our church during their Spring Break. They will be canvassing neighborhoods, going door-to-door praying, sharing the gospel, and inviting people to our Easter services. They will be covering 30,000 homes! 

Here are two ways you can help them:

  1. PRAY. Pray for the conversations that will be had next week. These students are trained in how to share the gospel and they will have many opportunities to do so. We need our community to have open ears and receptive hearts. Let’s pray that God uses this week to bring about a spiritual awakening in our community!
  2. SHARE. If you live within the immediate Huntersville and Cornelius area around our Church, please communicate to your HOA or through NextDoor, letting them know there might be a friendly group of teenagers walking through your community over the next week simply praying for our families and inviting some to visit a church on Easter. Anything positive will help! 

Spread the Word

Our Easter services will be at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. on April 1. To help you spread the word, we’re providing you a couple of resources…

  1. Invite Cards. You can pick up some business card sized invite cards this Sunday from one of our ushers or one of the tables around our facility. These are great to leave at restaurants or for neighbors and friends.
  2. Social Media Graphics. You can follow this link to our Easter webpage and download an Easter graphics for social media. These are specifically designed for Instagram (square) size posts, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, you can download the Instagram story size graphic to post on your story. When posting to a story, be sure to tag the city you live in so others across the city will see it!
  3. Bakery Boxes. This Sunday you will have the opportunity to pick up an empty bakery box that will have a business name on it with Easter invite cards. We’d like you to make some homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or whatever your best dessert or goodie is, place it in the box, and deliver it to the business for the employees with a nice note saying something like, “Thanks for serving our community.”This is a simple way we can bless our local businesses.

Baptism Class at 9:00 a.m. this Sunday

Ever wondered why baptism is so important? Or been curious why different churches baptize in different ways? Have you considered getting baptized yourself, but have never taken the step? Then Baptism Class is for you. Join us this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. for Baptism Class. Attending the class doesn’t obligate you to baptism, it’s just informative for you as a Christian. For further information or to register, please email

Christ Community Week at LifeWay

Lifeway Christian Resources at Northlake Mall has designated this week as Christ Community Week. When you go to make a purchase, mention our church name and you’ll get 30% off MSRP. Our pastors have selected some of our favorite resources that are displayed on a kiosk that says “Christ Community Church.” I hope you’ll take time to check it out!


As you prepare for Sunday, remember to pray for our services this weekend. Read Mark 5:1-20 and ask the Lord to help you see what He has to say to you through the preaching of His Word this weekend. Remember that all of the Family Church students will be here in our service this weekend so get here early! Let’s gather together to praise our Savior and King Jesus.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Ronnie