Abigail is a ministry resident serving in students ministry, focusing specifically on girls ministry. Abigail is from Augusta, Georgia, where professing faith in Jesus is simply part of the culture. When she was in high school, the LORD brought her to Himself, and she finally saw what it meant to surrender her life to Jesus fully. She started serving in children’s ministry when she was sixteen, leading in worship and in small group time until she finished high school. She chose to go to Liberty University and majored in Youth Ministry with minors in Biblical Greek and Biblical Studies.
During college, Abigail quickly joined a local church and was privileged to lead a small group of students in middle school, even moving up with them into high school. She spent her summers serving as a camp counselor, a mission intern in Kosovo, and finally at Christ Community this past year. Now returning to Christ Community, Abigail is ecstatic to spend time discipling female students, planning student ministry events, and communicating the truths of the gospel to students.

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