This Week at CCC: 7-19-2018



400 Involved in VBX, 70 Attended Student Camp

The Lord is moving at Christ Community this summer! We saw 300 children involved in VBX and 100 volunteers served! That's 400 people connected to one of our major summer ministry events! We sent 55 students to student camp and 15 leaders went with them to serve our students. Students came to faith in Christ and soon will be baptized! Conversations were had with students who believe God is calling them into the ministry. The gospel was sown in the hearts of children and students and we pray God will bring the fruit in his time! 

God is doing a new and fresh work through our children and student ministries! Praise the Lord!

Many Gospel Conversations & Over 300 Salvations Through Mission Trips

Our summer mission trips always focus on serving churches across the globe. We've partnered with several church plants in key cities in order to help them advance the gospel in their community. The gospel advances through planting healthy churches who are able to disciple those who come to faith in Christ, and help them lead others to Christ. 

By the end of this month, over 40 of our Christ Community Family will have attended a mission trip. These trips focus heavily on engaging the lost with the gospel. They seek to have as many gospel conversations as possible and offer for the listener to come to faith in Jesus! Already, we've seen over 300 people trust Christ as their Savior! This is why we go!

What a joy it is to see our Church investing their lives in those they may never meet again! It's my prayer that over the course of the summer, you too will have the opportunity to have a gospel conversation with at least one person. Who is it you can share the gospel with? What's their name? Stop for a moment and pray for them. If you'll reply to this email when you finish reading, I'll stop and pray for them as well! God can save them!

5 Years With Christ Community Church & A Story God is Writing

On August 5, we will commission our Vintage Church Church Planting Team to Pittsburgh. In the coming weeks, they will move their families for this very important  endeavor. It's certainly bittersweet. Helping lead this new church plant is our very own Student Pastor, Kyle Hurlburt. God has blessed Kyle and his wife Bri in many ways. August 5th is not only their last Sunday with us, but it is also their 5 year anniversary with us. God has his hand on Kyle and Bri! Their story is a story that God has written and is still writing.

As we continue our Sermon Series called Citizens, this Sunday, I have asked Kyle to preach one last time before he leaves our staff team. He will be preaching on the subject of mission and answering why he and his family are going to Pittsburgh. It will be a great Sunday as we get to hear from Kyle one last time. All of us are called to live with our "yes" on the table for whatever God calls us to do and wherever God calls us to go.

I will be back with you this Sunday and I look forward to being encouraged and challenged through the preaching of God's Word.

God has Called Us to Give Weekly to & Through This Great Church

I have never shied away from teaching or preaching on generosity. I believe with all my heart that God loves a cheerful and generous giver. We've been called by God to give to his Church and through his Church. As we seek to make gospel-centered disciples among all people for the glory of God, it is on us to be obedient to God's commands!

I call out to God frequently asking him to bless you financially. I believe that as we honor God with the first-tenth of our income and give through our local church, our community and the nations will be blessed to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! As we tighten our mission partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally, and send more of our people to the nations, God will bless us!

We must realize that the way we grow as God's people and the way we bless others are both tied to the transformational relationship we have in Jesus Christ. There are many of you who live in fear of giving. If God has transformed your life, don't be fearful! Trust God! He knows your need. Wherever you find yourself, ask, "Have I been faithful in giving the first-tenth of my income to God?" If you haven't, then consider letting this Sunday be the first step in the right direction!

Let's not be fearful of giving, but be generous and cheerful! And remember, you cannot out give God! He's the greatest giver of all time! His shovel is bigger than yours! So give freely and let him take care of your needs.

I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday! Let's gather together to praise his great name!

Pastor Ronnie