THIS WEEK AT Christ Community | NEW YEAR, SAME MISSION | 10.4.2018

Our Mission

We have one mission at Christ Community Church, to make gospel-centered disciples among all people for the glory of God. This is not a new mission. This is the mission Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20. This is the Great Commission! Our desire is to equip you to fulfill HIS mission in your life.

This Week at Christ Community is our way of effectively communicating with our faith family regarding important information about things going on in our church. I hope you find these blogs helpful!

Growth Track begins Sunday

We’ve been talking about Growth Track for several weeks now, and it’s finally here! We’ve already got a lot of people signed up for Growth Track, but there’s still room for more! If you’re on the fence about it, it’s okay. Come to the first class and check it out! If you can’t make all four, it’s no problem. We’ll do all four classes again in November, so you’ll be able to pick up the classes you miss.

And remember, Growth Track is for anyone! Whether you’ve been a member for a long time or you’re new to our church, Growth Track is for you. You will grow in your faith and have some of your questions answered. Check it out and register here. Growth Track begins Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. Children and Student small groups will take place at the same time, so we’ve got you covered!

Our New Fiscal Year Has Begun

October 1 began the new fiscal year for our church. We rejoice in how God provided for every penny of our 2017-2018 ministry budget. Now we find ourselves back at $0 in our new ministry budget. This Sunday is first Sunday in our new fiscal year, and I want to encourage you to help start our ministry budget off right with a generous gift.

We trust God to provide every penny for the 2018-2019 year just as he did last year. But it will take all of us modeling two of our core values:

  1. Radical Generosity– We want to be a people who are known to be radically generous for the cause of Christ. This means we give generously to our Church first, then to others second. The Bible teaches the importance of radical generosity. Here’s a helpful video for understanding radical generosity in the church: Is Tithing Required Today?
  1. Prayerful Dependence– We want you to pray and ask God to provide for our ministry budget. Our budget this year is $1,487,009, and we understand it is our church’s responsibility to help fund our mission of making gospel-centered disciples among all people for the glory of God. We have some people who give generously, some who give faithfully, some who give very little, and some who do not give at all. I want you to ask God to move the hearts of his people into greater obedience. Pray that he would meet every dollar of our need in 2018-2019.

The Gospel of Mark Returns Sunday

I began 2018 preaching through the gospel of Mark. We took a detour from Mark over Easter, then dove back in, and then another hiatus over the summer. We’ve looked at Mark 1-7, and this Sunday begins chapter 8. If you’re new to our church or want a refresher, you can find all of my sermons on Mark here.

As we head toward our gathering on Sunday, I want to ask you to do three things:

1) Pray – Pray for God to do greater things through Christ Community Church this year than he did last year. Pray for a spiritual awakening at our church and in our community, where men and women are saved and lives are changed for the glory of God. We long to see more people professing faith in Christ and being baptized than ever before.

2) Commit– Make a commitment to yourself, to your spouse, and to your family that you will be more engaged with your church family than ever before this year. What step will this commitment require of you? Does that mean you need to get in a small group? Does that mean you need to be in our worship service more regularly? Does this mean you need to find a place to serve? What does it look like for you to be more committed than ever before this year?

3) Send – Please send this blog to 3 people you know in our church. You may choose to send it to your whole small group, great. We have a lot of people who don’t know that I send this blog out in a weekly email, and we want more people signing up to receive it. If you’re reading this and you want to receive it in email form, you can follow this link to do so.

Thank you, church family, for all you are doing for the Kingdom of God. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can ever serve you in any way. Please pray for me as I prepare for the sermon on Sunday.

I look forward to worshiping our King with you.

Committed to the Great Commission,

Pastor Ronnie